The Children and Young people from our community enjoyed celebrating Christmas activities at the end of 2017. The Scripture Union Holiday Club travelled on The Greatest Journey, exploring the Christmas story. On the Sunday evening, the Youth Kirk ate pizza thanks to Bene, and popcorn while watching ‘Nativity’. A very special weekend for our children and youth. The New Year brought the Kids Kirk back together to hear of the plagues of Israel and the leadership of Moses. The boys and girls enjoyed crafts involving frogs. There even some Froggy treats at feast time, thankfully not frogs legs! The Youth Kirk explored the theme of abandonment through the eyes of Joseph and enjoyed completing posters of their detective agency! The coffee bar and chapel area are looking swish, and are now a comfortable area for the young folk to spend time and get to know each other. Look out for the grand opening where the young people can welcome you to see their handiwork. Some dates for your diary – there will be an Easter Fun Day on Saturday 21st April 10am–3.30pm, this will be for children P1-P7. On Sunday 22nd April 6-8pm there will be an Easter Celebration for the young people, P7-S3. More details on the Facebook Page. If you know a child in P1-P7 who would like to attend Kids Kirk on the 3rd Saturday of the month, or a young person P7-S3 who would like to come to Youth Kirk which meets on the Sunday following Kids Kirk please let us know. Kids Kirk runs 10am – 12noon, Youth Kirk runs 6-7.30pm. Sheila Bulloch & Amanda Johnston or 07980 059 974.



September was the start of our 4th year at Kids Kirk. We began our travels with the apostle Paul, we started our journey in Jerusalem. Each child had their passport stamped at the Take Control Station. We are delighted to have Sinead Robertson and Sophie King as our young helpers this year. The girls show great support to the Kids Kirk children and guiding our new P1's.





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