The children and youth work has continued over the past couple of months. The Kids Kirk are learning about the adventures and travels of the Israelites with God and Moses. We heard how Pharaoh would not let Gods people go…… (Oh no!), and what happened to Pharaoh and the Egyptians because of his stubbornness. We then heard what took place when he did let them go. We discovered how they escaped through the Red Sea as Moses raised up his staff, how God led his people providing them with Manna and Quail – in case you don’t know what a quail looks like - check out the children’s interpretations!
If you want to catch up on the story then you can read it in Exodus Chapters 13-16 or have a look at the story boards on the wall. A lot of time is spent creating these visual displays for everyone, so please take some time to look at them the next time you are in the hall.
There are also lots of photographs on the walls of the church hall, showing the children and young people enjoying all the activities of a busy Kids Kirk morning and Youth Kirk Sunday evening.

The Youth Kirk continue to look at challenging issues through the eyes of Joseph and how he reacted to meeting his brothers after all he had been through: should he forgive them? Should we forgive others? All big questions our teenagers face every day. Please remember them in your prayers as they face pressures from peers, media and hormones!

We had a very successful launch of our Chill Zone on Sunday 18th March that has been created in the old Chapel area. As intimated in the Christmas edition, we were gifted some money from the Port Seton Centre Management Committee which we used to get some new flooring and soft furniture, so we were able to create a good space where the young people can feel comfortable and build on friendships old and new. Those who came to the opening wrote messages to the young people, these are now displayed on the wall. If you would like to see this space please come and ask us, we are very proud of it so are keen to show it off!

Plans are well under way for the Scripture Union Holiday Club on the Saturday 21st April, which will be a full day 10am – 3.30pm. Followed by an Easter Celebration for the Youth Kirk on Sunday 22nd April from 6-8pm, booking slips will be in school soon, or text Sheila for more info. We will present the story of Easter and share the good news of the Love of God. Watch out for a report in the next newsletter!

Sending you blessings at this Easter time from the Kids Kirk and Youth Kirk teams.
Amanda Johnston & Sheila Bulloch or 07980 059 974.




September was the start of our 4th year at Kids Kirk. We began our travels with the apostle Paul, we started our journey in Jerusalem. Each child had their passport stamped at the Take Control Station. We are delighted to have Sinead Robertson and Sophie King as our young helpers this year. The girls show great support to the Kids Kirk children and guiding our new P1's.





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