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As we go to press, we only have 2 sessions left in our Kids Kirk and Youth Kirk programme for 2016/17! It’s been a busy few months traveling with Paul around the Mediterranean. For those who come along to the Take Away Treats Service on a Sunday, you have learned the theme song, and by June, we’ll have 8 verses! Have a look around the church hall and look at ‘The Story so far….’ Boards. The young people in Youth Kirk are growing and developing in new ways, they have explored Love and Emotions and have begun a few sessions on the Red Letters of Christ as printed in the Bible. It has been a joy to watch these young people explore the Bible. We have purchased updated Bibles for them to enhance their learning and engagement in God’s Word. In February Sheila was invited to speak to Lothian Presbytery in a slot called ‘Good News’ she spoke about the work of Kids Kirk and Youth Kirk. This was a great opportunity to share what we are doing in Chalmers across Lothian. Our annual Family Fun Day will be on Saturday 17th June from 12.30pm – to which EVERYONE is invited!

Holiday Club News – There is an Easter Fun Day for children P1 – P7, 10am-3.30pm on Saturday 8th April. We would love to see YOU come along and join the children and team from 2.30pm, to hear about their day, get messy with a craft and have a cuppa. On the Sunday evening, 9th April, the Youth Kirk will have an Easter Celebration Evening 6pm – 8pm. There will be a fundraising coffee afternoon in Chalmers to help raise money for Holiday Clubs in our village on Saturday 6th May, more details to follow in the intimations and on our Facebook Page. Sheila Bulloch & Amanda Johnston or 07980 059 974.


September was the start of our 4th year at Kids Kirk. We began our travels with the apostle Paul, we started our journey in Jerusalem. Each child had their passport stamped at the Take Control Station. We are delighted to have Sinead Robertson and Sophie King as our young helpers this year. The girls show great support to the Kids Kirk children and guiding our new P1's.





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