Kids Kirk Year 5 concluded in June with our Family Fun Day and Family Treasure Hunt. It was good to see some of you at these events. These sessions allow the team time to engage with the families. We have a fantastic team who help in many ways with Kids Kirk and also with our older ones in the Youth Kirk. May we take this opportunity to say THANK YOU to you all. We are always looking for new helpers, if you feel this is something you’d like to do, please come and speak to us.
For a week in July, the Church Hall was transformed into a Stadium where we became Team Builders. We explored what it feels like to be part of God’s Team. We looked at Joseph, Moses, Esther, the Disciples and Paul & Barnabas; how each of them shared team work, and showed God’s love. 20 children attended over the week, including some new little ones ready to start P1 in August. We were blessed to have 8 young helpers, who all have grown in many skills. They were challenged to look out for someone each day, which they all fulfilled with enthusiasm. Sheila and Gill lead a team of 12 leaders and 6 feast ladies.
The Youth Kirk met for 3 afternoons which was headed up by Irene Watson. This was an experiment to see how well it worked…….it was AMAZING! The young people explored 3 of the Team Builder stories in more detail. They got creative and enjoyed chilling out. On the Wednesday, as we finished off the session, the group pleaded for two more days, but we didn’t manage to do this….so next year it looks like a 5 day session.
Kids Kirk returns for its 6th Year on 15th September – we are looking at Heroes of Faith, exploring both the Old and New Testament. Sessions run 10am – 12noon on the 3rd Saturday of the month. The Sundays following Kids Kirk, our 10.15am worship leaders will explore the same Hero and in the evenings, our Daring Detectives will be exploring Jesus’ ‘I am’ sayings. They meet 6-7.30pm.
If you are looking for information on any of the events we are running, please contact us: Sheila Bulloch & Amanda Johnston or 07980 059 974.







September was the start of our 4th year at Kids Kirk. We began our travels with the apostle Paul, we started our journey in Jerusalem. Each child had their passport stamped at the Take Control Station. We are delighted to have Sinead Robertson and Sophie King as our young helpers this year. The girls show great support to the Kids Kirk children and guiding our new P1's.





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