Below are a few of the articles in our EASTER 2018 edition of our Newsletter.

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Dear Friends
As I write this letter, it is almost exactly 6 weeks since myself and my wife, Julia, moved in to the Chalmers Memorial Manse. At that time, we were surrounded by dozens and dozens of boxes. It has taken us several weeks to unpack and there are some things that we are not quite sure where, even now, the removal men put them!

What we can say, however, without any hesitation is the warmth of your welcome and the clear support you have shown us both in these recent weeks which has made the whole process more manageable and, ultimately, meaningful. The manse really is in tip top condition after the work done to it during the vacancy. We can see the care and attention that has been given to it.

As importantly, there is much evidence around of the commitment of so many to ensure that the life of the congregation continued without hesitation during these recent months. Many have taken on responsibilities to keep activity level high and purposeful. I hope and trust that I will be able to offer support to those who do what they do.

Indeed, at the moment, I see my role as simply being one of finding out and that has been my priority in recent weeks as I have been meeting with office bearers and attending social events at the church. Finding out but also enjoying the worship too… enjoying the singing… the keen listening to sermons and the fellowship after worship where so many stay behind.

There will be time enough to look at the future. I have some ideas but these need to be reflected upon with the Kirk Session to make sure that, as one pastor of another church I met recently said, we do more than create activity for activities sake but ensure that there is space to grow our faith and our discipleship.

One thing I do plan to do however is to hold a short series of Bible studies – six weeks running from Tuesday 17th April 2018 at 7.30pm in the church. The topic – Love! A good subject, I think, to start with.
May I also warmly encourage you to any or indeed all the Holy Week and Easter services and activities coming soon.

The Cross of Good Friday and the Empty Tomb of Easter – this, after all, is what we are about.
Your friend and minister
Robin Allison

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