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Dear Friends,

As I sit down to write this letter for the Chalmers newsletter (my usual three days after the letter should have been submitted – Sheila is getting used to this by now!) MP’s are currently debating in Parliament which of eight different options they would be prepared to support for Brexit.

To many of us, the debate seems to have been going on for a long time, for some too long. It’s also certainly hard to remember a time in recent years where a government has had such trouble in attracting a majority for its proposals. In fact, we have witnessed government defeats in the House of Commons that are almost unheard of in living memory.

It’s all a sign of the passion and sometimes bad temperedness that this whole debate has engendered. Positions have become entrenched. Stances have been adopted all of which means that we are never sure if what we are hearing is as complete as it ought to be. This, in turn, has brought with it a sense of disquiet amongst many of the population of the UK where a million recently took to the streets of London in protest and nearly 5 million signed an online petition demanding that process be stopped now.

It’s not a for a church newsletter, or your Minister, to speculate on what is right and wrong here. In life people make their choices about things that are important to them and we learn to live with those differences, hopefully in a way where friendship can still be forged in the midst of disagreement. That, at least, is our hope.

It is easy to imagine that such divisions of opinion are a new thing. They are, of course, not. Differences of viewpoints are as old as humanity and were certainly as well known in the world in which Jesus lived and walked and talked as they are now.

But this we also know - and as Christians this is also our hope – Jesus was born into such a world, a world where just as today the rich dominated the poor and the powerful took the higher place over the weakest. To such a world he spoke a word of peace and hope, a word where the powerful are reminded of the reality of love and graciousness and where the poor are shown that they have a special place in the love that God has for them.

Jesus didn’t just speak this message, He lived it and at the end was prepared to go to the cross to demonstrate it. This is what we mark at this season of Lent with its great culmination on Easter Day when God declares that hope has overcome cynicism and death itself is defeated.

To remind each one of us of the hope that is embedded in this season of the year, I make a special invite to you to come to our Holy Week Services. This year, as you will see, we have, over and above our normal Palm Sunday and Easter Day services, nightly services in different locations throughout Holy Week.

This is a time to join together with our fellow Christians and be inspired by the hope we celebrate at this Season.

Your friend and minister
Robin Allison (Rev)

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