Below are a few of the articles in our LATE FEBRUARY 2018 edition of our Newsletter.

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Dear Friends,

We read in Isaiah Chapter 43 verses 18 and 19 “Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See I am doing a new thing!”

A new thing is just around the corner and Chalmers Memorial Parish Church is about to receive the gift of a new Minister. Rev. Robin Allison will be inducted on the 7th of February to serve this Church and parish.

It has been a blessing and a pleasure to serve as your Locum Minister for the past 21 months. This time with you will leave Jacqui and me with many many treasured memories. We both shared our “special” 60th birthdays with you and of course our memorable 40th wedding anniversary. We also went on holiday with some of you. Thank you Joyce Buchanan for organising such a fantastic trip. More memories!

I am sure Robin and his family will experience the same welcome, warmth and friendship that both Jacqui and I have known with you.

We have been helped and blessed in so many ways, by so many people, from all quarters of the Church, way too many to mention you all by name here. However we wanted to give some folk a wee mention. Folk who have helped me in my ministry with you, especially on a Sunday.

The Kirk Session, led by Rev Neil Dougall and Session Clerk Mary Gordon, has been kind and a support to me in every way. Similarly, the Church Officers, Duncan and Helen Morgan and Tom Donaldson. The sound and vision “engineers” Sheila Bulloch and Amanda Johnston have been such a help in the Sunday services and also their work with Kids Kirk and Youth Kirk. George Smith for his meticulous organisation of the communion services. And not forgetting John Marshall for calling us all to worship by ringing the church bell!

Pamela Zenati, Mary and Tom Gordon, Alastair Sutherland, Ross Hamilton and Bob Glover have helped to make the Sunday services a blessing by their very gifted musicianship. And there are many others who volunteer, such as the readers (thank you Ian Bulloch for organising them), flower, pastoral and door welcoming teams and, importantly, the people who provided our tea and coffee (and biscuits/cake!) after the services. Thank you all very much.

All of these people, and many many others, freely give their time to us and the many organisations that are a part of this church’s life. Thanks also to Ann Anderson and Joyce Buchanan for looking after Jacqui’s and my health and fitness. We loved the Indoor Curling and Stretch and Strength groups. And look at the weight we have lost!

Last but not least a big thank you to all of you who have attended the Sunday services week by week. You make this Church what it is. A true church family. It has been wonderful getting to know you all. You have become our friends. Despite the corny jokes!

As Chalmers Memorial Parish Church enters this new phase in its long life, we pray that the Church and all who are part of it would be blessed, as the gospel of Jesus Christ is shared here and within the community it serves in Cockenzie and Port Seton.

Thank you once again for everything, much love to you all in His name. Mike and Jacqui x PS We’ll miss you

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